Wednesday, March 11, 2015

2' Eq

God bless our friends who not only willingly witness the boredom that is 2' Hunters/Eq, but on top of that also take pictures. 
that's as classy as we can look at 2'
Even the pros have a hard time getting decent pics of disgruntled horses cantering over tiny jumps, so I'm grateful for the (remarkably above average) shots that my good friend is able to capture. 

Not to mention it's hard to justify horse-show-photographer prices ($150 for a low res image!?) for the harsh reality of 2' photos. 

I understand the plight of the horse show photographer (and still managed to spend $200 on a few images), but I won't lie, I am always (always) grateful to have a friend with a good SLR and great sense of timing competing at the same shows ;)

Even the kinda blurry shots are worth staring at over and over again.
I love this one because it's about as straight as I (and Prair) get! and if anything I'm collapsing left, which is a rare thing for this notoriously slouchy-right-rider.

Plus any picture with a horse and a palm tree is a keeper for this girl. 


  1. Cute & shiny as always! We're shopping for an SLR...for the baby of course... But it'll be nice to have once Spots and I compete again!

  2. It's just hard to get excited about lots of 2' pictures, even if you both look fantastic. I think $200 excited sounds about right. :-)

  3. I love watching 2' classes. That's when the ponies start to feel mischievous. ;)

  4. Fab photos, ya'll look smashing as always!

  5. You guys look pretty badass to me!

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  7. So lovely! I've got some major palm tree envy going on here though ;)
    Quick question- a way back in the days of miss Pia you wrote about riding her with a clammer once or twice. Do you still have it? Or did you just borrow it? I've been trying to get my hands on one, but the internet's been completely unhelpful! Perhaps they've got a different name. I've always called them clammers, but other than the one my coach owns you are the only other person I've seen use one...

    1. haha. I already have palm tree envy and I've only been home for a week :)

      yes! we used a clammer with Pia, sadly I borrowed it from my then trainer but I recall her saying how hard it was to find one... I've had the conversation with a few other random people over the years and recall one trainer saying she sent a picture and written specs to a welder who just made her one for like $50.... it's simple enough for someone who's proficient at metal work, but I've never pursued it myself. good luck!!!!

    2. Oh, that's a brilliant idea! A friend's husband is a welder... maybe he can whip one up for me. Thanks!

  8. you guys look great - and i agree, having a friend there for pics is definitely an advantage haha


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