Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Princess P

Princess P was a name reserved for Pia when she was at her most...opinionated and self assured about how life *should* be.  And Frankly it's a name that's never really fit Prairie's personality or tendencies, but OMG - today, it fits.

So I had a good flat lesson (meaning, we WTC both ways, I felt moderately effective and the mare didn't flip me off too many times) and I figured that since she's had a couple days of hard work in a row, it would be a good day to put Prair outside again for the first time.

I booted her up in case she acted like a lunatic.

I switched to a light sheet in case all her antics got her sweaty and warm.

I even gave her a small cocktail in hopes that would take the edge off enough to keep her from jumping the fence and galloping to the next county.

Then I prayed.

I prayed to the horsey gods that she wouldn't undo months and months of painstaking rehab work with one dumb flying mare move.

And then we took a left out of her stall instead of a right and we headed for the open sunshine.  We jigged.  Prair threw her head in the air like a terrified, dominant llama, and we jigged toward the closest (smallest) paddock.

Then, because there is some metaphysical law that states all paddocks must have a large puddle by the gate, we stopped.  Because Prair hasn't had to do a puddle since Spring 2014 and it just wasn't going to work for her.

Naturally that meant I couldn't pick my way along the fence line and hopscotch myself through the puddles and to the other side.  No no, instead I had to march my (freshly polished, sniffle) boots through the puddle and drag the big mare behind me. 

Then I gave her a treat, unclipped the lead and scurried out of the way.



and I mean, nothing.

She stood, snorted at her neighbor twice then walked herself into the run-in shed and stood under cover.

To be clear.  First time turned out in eight (+) months - and the mare... turned herself in.

I will truly never understand mares.
Prairies go here.  away from puddles.


  1. Ha, she really wants that princess title! She looks pretty satisfied in that photo.

  2. Haha! Mares truly are silly creatures. Happy she was a sane pony in turnout time!

  3. Oh Prairie!
    Although in saying that i love when they surprise us and do exactly the opposite of what we expect from them.
    I am delighted that her first turnout went without issue & that the puddle drama was successfully navigates - sorry boots!

  4. Don't you know? Those are horse-eating puddles!!! :P
    She's still cute though!

  5. But... it's WET out there. And GROSS. And the mud kind of SMELLS bad. And I'm so PRETTY. I love her.

  6. hahaha but she says it's too 'icky' out there lol... what a horse :)

  7. She definitely looks like she is NOT getting her tidy self wet or dirty under ANY circumstances. Thank you very much.

  8. Dragging her OUTSIDE into places with PUDDLES?!? What a horse mom you are turning out to be. Ha!

  9. That is something my gelding would do!


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