Friday, March 20, 2015

Red Light, GREEN Light!

Our Rehab/Training schedule these days feels a bit like a school yard game of Red Light/Green Light.  One minute we're in a holding pattern, the next we're back at it....

Prair's check up today was great.  She was a tad stiff starting out, but we experienced that earlier in her rehab and it seems to be a direct result of standing in a stall.  all..... day.... long. 

There was no sign of the weight bearing reluctance on that left front and Prair happily (and evenly) trotted tiny figure eights.

So, the current plan is - back to normal.  Still holding at 2'6", but full work to that point should be good. 

We did discuss her shoeing a bit.  I've had some concerns about how quickly her heels are contracting in the bar shoes, and I know that while the bar provides support... pinched heels cause their own heel pain.. which is counter productive...

Vet agreed, but doesn't want to change anything crazy before a show, so at her next trim, Prair will try normal shoes again, and possibly a shorter trim cycle to try and stay ahead of those heels.. Prior to the bar shoes, our farrier did a really nice job opening her heels up so I'm hopeful that will be a fairly easy process again...

Also, in really, really exciting news - Prair has been CLEARED FOR TURNOUT. 

She won't get to enjoy it until next week since we decided maybe put her back to work for a couple days (get some of the wiggles out) then let the mare go in a (small) paddock and enjoy the sunshine. 

I'm excited for her.  It's been so long


  1. Yay! I bet Prair is gunna be so happy!

  2. Everybody loves turnout and work! Wee!

  3. woo hoo - she's gonna love it! glad she's doin well :)

  4. That picture is really pretty! Yay turnout, happy mare!

  5. Yay being on the mend and getting green lights!!!

    Love that picture!!

  6. Squee turnout clearance is always great news!


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