Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Thermal Week VII (Boring Update)

I am totally lacking in any clever observations on the day.  Perhaps due to lack of interesting occurrences, or perhaps due to the fact that the kiddo actually napped for 2 hours so I laid in the sun like a lizard and drank Greyhounds all afternoon. 

Either or.  You pick.

The mare has had an easy few days.  She hasn't jumped since Sunday and hacked lightly yesterday just to stretch her out and let her move her bones. 

I suppose the one upside of stall rest is that going into our third week of showing Prairie isn't beating down her stall to get to some turnout.  She's grown quite accustomed to horse-jail and sunny horse-jail is apparently better than rainy horse-jail.

Anyway, Prair warmed up fabulously.  Loose, trot swinging, lead changes came easy, totally chill  And she looked like a stud waiting around.  Usually I don't think she looks nearly as elegant when she's not braided, but today she was working her sleepy I-woke-up-like-this swagger like a super model. 

My Queen.
She had two rounds with N, and that was it.  The first went pretty well and I have a (bad) video. 

The second round was a tad rougher, due mostly to the footing I think.  For some reason our ring was the only ring that was still showing the ill effects of last weekend's storm.  The corners were deep, slick and sloppy. 

And anything that throws Prair off balance is no good for us. 

N schooled it well, took a circle to calm down and made it a nice learning experience.  If the footing hasn't resolved itself by tomorrow we'll scratch over fences.  It's just not worth tense rounds at this point.

So tomorrow we have a flat and (maybe) two rounds.  Then we head straight into the last weekend of showing for us at HITS Thermal 2015.  Can't believe this is almost over!!!


  1. Prairie is so beautiful! Hopefully the footing dries up quickly - good luck w the rounds!

  2. She looks amazing!!!
    Best of luck for the final few days - hopefully the ring dries out and you can finish your over fences classes like planned

  3. She's gorgeous!! Fingers crossed that it dries up so you can get on in there!

  4. Even though the footing is a little sketch, Prair still looks lovely! Glad you guys are enjoying your time in the desert :)

  5. Can't believe it's almost over too! It looks amazing there. Secondarily, I can't believe an entire year has gone by since you went the first time! So much has happened in that time!

  6. She is absolutely STUNNING omg



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