Friday, March 27, 2015

SB's Ammy Hour

Huge thanks to Sprinkler Bandit for asking us to participate in her hugely entertaining "Ammy Hour" series over on her blog.  I've always enjoyed reading the posts, and have often found my next favorite blog to follow via the series. 

Based on the number of hits I know I get from her blog, I'd wager that most of my readers are already quite familiar with her story and totes adorbs OTTB, but if you aren't, I can't recommend it more. 

Great mix of humor, humility, tack ho'ing and general pontification on the craziness that is Horse-Land.
So much cute. So much delicious tack
Just going through her list of interview questions was actually an interesting exercise for me in terms of self-reflection which is something I've been doing almost zero of since the wee little baby came along.

Anyway, big thanks for the interest and shoutout!


Gingham and Prair


  1. It was a really fun read! Sprinks and you are two of my favorite bloggers!

    1. ha! Sprinks. That's what I'm calling her from now on :)

  2. Glad she featured you! I've enjoyed following your blog, even though I'm relatively new. :)

  3. Two of my fav blogs in one spot - doesn't get much better than this for t'interwebs reading ☺

  4. SO EXCITED to see this! Your blog is one of my top 5 favorite blogs :) Congrats!


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