Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2.98258 miles, and other fun with mental math..

Walking in circles continues to be boring.  Fortunately for me I compulsively count ceiling tiles, fences posts, whatever I'm staring at while bored and unable to lean on the entertainment crutch that is my iPhone.  During our hand walk yesterday, I started trying to calculate how far Pia and I were walking, and whether not I got to count it as exercise. :)  Here's a recap of my stellar mental aptitude:

20 meters by 60 meters. 

That's 20 + 20 + 60 + 60.  Which equaaaaals..... 160meters per lap (assuming square corners.)

I'm walking a lap in approximately 1 minute 9 seconds.. lets start with 1 minute flat.  160 meters x 30 minutes(or 30 laps) = uhhhhhhhhh (mental math, mental math). 160 x 10 x 3... 4,800 meters!

Let's see, 4,800 is almost 5k which I already know is 3.1 miles.. so.. 4800 is what percent of 5000..

48/50 = 96/100 so 4% less...  So x/3.1... ok, 3.1/100 = .031 multiply by 4 = .124 (ouch). 3.1 miles - 4% (or .124) = 2.976!

Wow.  2.976 miles in 30 minutes.  Well, sorta, not accounting for those extra 9 seconds per lap... which means I'm not actually getting a full 2.976 in... so, 9 seconds is what % of a minute.  over 10% I think.. uh 9/60 = x/100.  Crap, cross multiplying.  9x100= 900/60.  uhhh take the 10 out.. 90/6/ take the 2 out, 45/3. oh good, it's an even 15... 15%!! jesus! this is going to eat into our total walking distance.  Ok, so check mental thought process, what I calculated was 2.976 distance, assuming a 1 minute lap time.  However, our lap time is actually 15% longer, which means I should deduct 15% from our total distance? is that sound thinking? Do I care? No. I'm just bored and playing with math. 

Ok, x/2.976 = 85/100.  Cross multiply! 297.6 divided by 85.  Jeeeezus. That's rough for this girl.  (I check our time... 27 minutes.  Almost done, crap.  **At this point I cave and use my phone calculator**)


Two and half miles?? not bad.  I think that counts as exercise for me.  I got feisty and threw in an extra 4.5 minutes (15% of 30)to get back to the 2.976 number and called it a day.

When I got back to the barn I googled the conversion for 4,800 meters, and found it to be 2.98258, which really, isn't that far off of my 2.976 number.  So, not only did I feel good about walking my chubby butt around the ring, but I also felt like my 4th grade math skills are still solidly available should I actually ever need them.

Good mental distraction for me, but it didn't help Pia much.  Fortunately leaves were blowing into the ring, so she spent her time trying to eat them or crucnch them with her feet. 

To each their own.


  1. Better that some really obnoxious song on infinite replay in your head...

    This post made me smile :)

  2. Cubby????? I believe that you are far from cubby.... quite the opposite actually. I do things like that all the time. I count EVERYTHING, all the time!!

  3. Crazy?? probably. :) bored?? DEFINITELY.

    And DM, I need the miles... this girl spent a few too many days on the dock with beer and snacks this summer instead of riding her Wobbly laid up horse. :)


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