Thursday, September 9, 2010


So I'm stuck in our exec retreat for the next three days which means no computer, but I'm sneaking in a Pia update via iPhone as I get shuttled into meetings...

P. Is. A. Rockstar.
Yesterday, we had a lesson, and she was rad. We lunged our warmup without sidereins (yes). And aside from being terrified of the cavaletti as the BO pulled them out of storage, she was a gem.

We warmed up well, fought through some leg yields, I won. Did some lengthenings, she was a stud. The. We moved on to our canter work. Her transitions were a bit sticky, but we played with some medium canter down the long side and. She. Rocked. It.

Balanced, forward, contolled. Rockstar.

We lengthened down the long side, then collected on the short side, 10 meter circle at A/C then medium down the long side.

I was dumbfounded by her balance. Three months ago the thought of a 10 meter canter circle would have sent Pia's brain into overload, but this week? This week she's a forward, happy, balanced horse. (love her).

After our canter we played with the cavaletti at the trot. BO set up four of them at the medium height and P picked her way through carefully the first time.

The second time, she decided that baby-canter-strides were a much better idea, and somehow she fit them into the trot pole spacing..

Eventually she decided that trotting was better and we ended the day on that.

What a gem. I love this mare.
ps- Super-Mom sent us some ahh-maaa-zing photos tonight. I'll share more of them when I'm back to a real computer, but WOW. She got some great shots of the princess...

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  1. Sounds like a great ride! (BTW: Super impressed at the blog post via iphone. I have yet to try it on my blackberry.)


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