Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vet Scheduled..

Well, I sent those pics of Pia's leg off to my vet with the intention of saying "here's the story, I'll call you next week if nothing improves."  But, as it turns out, my vet is in the neighborhood today, so he's going to swing by and take a look at Miss Pia. 

The potential of being a little "premature" with spending the $$ on a problem that might be gone by Saturday is mitigated by my paranoia that, even if she was 100% by Saturday, I'd be worried there was a lingering strain or sprain... also I'm so damn curious all the time, that I like having firm(er) answers, or at the very least - slightly more information. 

That being said, Pis is scheduled to catch up with her favorite guy at 3pm this afternoon.  Which means I need to find a way to escape from work in the next 30 minutes so that she looks slightly more put together than she currently is.  (WHOOPS, dirty mare). 

Regardless of the outcome, we should have more answers later today, so keep you fingers/toes/eyes/hooves crossed that it's something minor and not the start of another battle!


1 comment:

  1. My fingers are crossed, and D has her hooves crossed (which makes her look really funny when she's standing.)


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