Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September Goals!

Ok, last time I tried to set some month long goals we skidded down the path to Wobblers and never looked back.  Honestly, there were so many choices about treatment and surgery and how to not make things worse in the meantime, that the whole idea of having actual goals to be accountable for went out the window.

Long story short, I might be tempting the equine gods by setting some goals, but I think it's time to get myself thinking about where Pia and I are headed and what baby steps are going to be along the way. So here we go:

  1. Clean, smooth, regular transitions for WTC.  We're close to this, but every once in a while she still thinks that it's appropriate to kick/hop/pin ears and ignore me.  Canter is our biggest challenge, even though she's been good the last few days.
  2. My Equitation.  This girl needs to remember how to keep her elbows in, toes not turned out like a 12 year old hunter/jumper kid, and take up more of my weight in my thigh.  I'm out of riding shape, and the lack of lessons/mirrors have taken their toll on my position.  This goal might be on here for a while, but especially early on I need to focus on staying even and balanced, lest I make things even harder for the Piasaurous. 
  3. Ride Without Lunging.  So far, the BO has done it, but I've been too chicken to get on the girl without at least a brief lunge session to see where her brain is for the day.  I don't mind lunging, but as I've said (probably too many times) before, I don't want lunging to be a crutch, or even a regular occurrence in the name of saving her hocks, and also mixing up her routine.
  4. Continue with Body Work.  Have P worked on at least one more time during September. I think she responded really well to it last time, and I know I could use the massage, so I'm sure she can too...
  5. Walk Off Property.  I'm antsy to at least trailer the beast to Bridle Trails or something soon for some new scenery and a chance to let her eyeballs soak in something other than her usual digs, but realistically with my work schedule and a few weekend trips that are planned that won't happen.  But I can walk the girl down the driveway and test the waters just off the farm.  Seems reasonable.  And also obtainable. :)
On the horizon, I'd like to feel rock solid at Training Level, and get a few trips off property under our belt in 2010.  If I could wave a magic wand, I'd love to get to a little schooling show, but I don't have a hard and fast agenda for that.

I'm feeling good about where we're going. and even better about the fact that Pia has totally calmed her head down since her massive week of tantrums.  The BO had a good ride on her yesterday (after two days off this weekend), which means that the good behavior is holding, even if she doesn't get her bucks out every single day.  Another encouraging point? the fact that the barn has some minor construction going on (dirt work, building a new shelter, tearing some stuff up..) so the mare stayed calm even without turnout AND with horse eating monster machines running around the property.

Good Mare. 

Hope everyone had restful weekends.  I might actually be sore from constantly dancing on our deck with a glass/goblet of wine in hand.  (I'm sure that counts as cardio??)  Can't wait to get out and see the mare this evening...

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  1. I figure if it makes you muscle sore it counts as some form of exercise!! (ROFL my word verification is "achie")

    Those sound like some really good, reasonable, reachable goals! Good job! I'm kind of all over the place deciding what I'm going to do with the horses from one minute to the next so maybe I need to figure out some solid goals to work towards too. Thanks for putting me in mind of it!!

    ~~ JennyB, Horsefeathers


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