Monday, September 20, 2010

Slow and Steady??

So, this weekend I got whisked off to a fun spot East of the mountains where we didn't do much other than eat, sleep, hike and repeat.  What a treat.  I felt a lot better leaving P knowing that the swelling had gone down, and she was confined to her stall.

 I mean... I missed P, but I wasn't "missing" her that much...

In spite of the totally gorgeous scenery and totally fantastic wine, still couldn't get the "what if" voices totally out of my brain, so I convinced the Boy to make a barn stop on our way back into town.  I left instructions for the BO to keep on the ice/wrap strategy unless her legs were ice cold and perfectly even.  I also left my bute out in case there was any residual swelling that needed a little nudge to get out. I also told her that she could call/email/text if anything was funky, but if it was mostly normal that she didn't need to bother herself with updating me with "more of the same."  I feel guilty enough having people go out of their way to ice/wrap my beast...

I got to the barn about 4pm, P's wraps were off and there wasn't any nasty swelling (yesss). But she did still have a touch of heat in her pastern, and she jogged out pretty well, but still looked a little stilted to me.  Nothing was setting alarm bells off, but I still just groomed her up, patted her nose and stuck her back in her stall...

I didn't cross paths with the Bo at all, so this morning I got a call from her just asking what my plan was and letting me know that she still wasn't giving P any turnout due to a slight spot of heat about halfway up her cannon bone (uhh, what?).

I consider myself pretty sensitive to heat, and very thorough with leg checks, but I hadn't noticed anything about heat partially up her leg.  It makes me nervous since that would clearly NOT be a joint issue, and would most likely be indicative of a tendon/ligament strain, but I can't believe that I would have missed it.  Pro's include that it's not swollen, and hasn't been obvious to me at all in our most recent examinations.  Also, P is standing squarely and not favoring either leg when she's just meandering around or standing quietly, also that she isn't tender to the touch on her left front at all anymore.

Worries include the fact that she's still jogging out stiff (though not lame) and that there's a mystery heat spot on her leg.  I'm so flipping paranoid that there's a strain that I don't want to chance ANYTHING that would make it worse.  So, as of today the plan of action includes a week off, no turnout and continuing with daily ice/wrapping.  If at the end of the week there's still a hint of any heat/swelling/oddities, then I'll get the vet out and we'll do some imaging. 

The idea of putting her back to work on a compromised tendon or ligament makes me nauseous just to think about.  Of course, considering a 9-12 month recovery also makes me a little queasy.. ugh.

So, fingers crossed for P. I've never had a soft tissue injury that lost swelling as quickly as this.. but still, this mare doesn't do anything in a predictable fashion...

On a random note, my parents have been cleaning their attic out and finding all sorts of lovely little treasures... thought I'd share a picture from one of my first horse trials ever.  Love my pony's long gross mane, my rubber boots and my show.... sweatshirt?!? I can't believe my trainer let me out of the start box like that, but I'm sure it was just a little schooling Pony Club show.. Regardless, yikes.  I'm so obsessed with turnout these days I can't fathom riding out like that..


  1. Hoping that time off and TLC will resolve the heat / swelling issue for Pia.

    Love that picture!

  2. Oh NO!! Ms. Pia! Do you have Ice Boots?? They are the best thing EVER! You could borrow D's if you'd like. I think they are around $50 to buy one new. LOVED it when she needed iced since it make it so simple.

    I know the feeling of checking legs. I spent a good 10 minutes yesterday checking out D's legs after she was running around and instructed my trainer to do the same. I bought her at Donida (because I pulled a 40% off duck out of the Gift Horse pond) Back on Track Quick wraps. I love the saddle pads, so hopefully we'll see a change with these as well!

    Good luck! I got your e-mail responding right after I finish this!!


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