Sunday, September 12, 2010

Buck, Snort, Buck-Snort-Snort

Still computerless.. So I'm winging it on the phone, which inherently means that my sentences are half their usual length an I can't string together a coherent paragraph :)

(look our topline is coming back!!)

P and I had a lesson today, an it went 'pretty well.'. It wasn't perfect, but I felt great about it, and we crossed some goals off our list, so I'm calling it good.

I was late getting to the barn, so I mentally prepared to just get on without lunging regardless of the mares energy level. Realistically, I wasn't worried since she's worked 6 days in a row and shouldn't have too many bucks in her...

As we walked up to the ring, the BO was dragging, which I assumed would be a 'monster' but the mare didn't seem to care (yesssssss). Finally we got in, got on and started walking. She was a gem. Nice and relaxed and not too looky or excited at all.

The first half of our ride was good. Pretty relaxed, nice medium/collection transitions and P stayed pretty calm.

Then we switched things up and did our canter work before any lateral which resulted in our biggest 'discussion' in a while. I started to the right, which is definitely our stickier side and P was NOT interested. Got a spectacular buck and run down the long side during our first transition, and a few more bronc fits in our subsequent ones.

So the BO put us on a figure eight with a simple change in the middle and we drilled it till the mare calmed down/accepted my right leg. Once she chilled out a little we worked leg yields athe trot before playing with them at the canter. (whoa).

Off my left leg, she was a star. Off my right leg, more buck, snort, buck, buck, snort action. Splendid.

After a few reps we called it a day. She gave a good effort and we could tell all the canter work was draining the gas tank pretty quick.

The mare got a long walk, bath and stroll off property to unwind. So essentially I think it was a good day.

- we got on without lunging (yay!)
- we worked some serious canter transitions, even though there were some sticky spots
- we walked off property, quite calmly might I add (yay!)
- we got clean and smell like a coconut. :)

That's a great Sunday at the barn.

Oh, and even though the Piasaurous threw some nasty bucks, I rode her through them and 'won.'
So There.

Leg on!

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