Friday, September 3, 2010

Super-Mom Visit v2.0

Last night P and I had the pleasure of another visit from her original Super-Mom/Breeder/Disciplinarian, Danielle.  Last time the Super-Mom made it up for a visit we were at our old barn (boo-hiss) and P was getting ready for her first (I hate that there was more than one) Myelogram. 

Admittedly, Pia looked pretty good during that visit, since she still had a ton of muscle on her from our initial months of work, plus some chub from a few weeks of being laid up while we diagnosed the Wobbler situation, but her mental space left a little something to be desired...

She was antsy, squealing like a maniac in the crossties and terrorizing any barn worker who dared enter her stall to feed the princess her meals.  (if you forgot what a mare-monster she was click back to this post on Super-Mom's first attitude adjustment... :) ).

This visit she is a little bit skinnier (initial weight loss from increased turnout, and being back to work), but so, so, sooooooo much happier.  She practically dozes off while you groom her, and there's no hint of the sensitive, squealing pig-mare that Super-Mom saw last time... for which I was thankful.  Yesterday, P tacked up like a good girl, walked to the ring like a good girl, but managed to get a little wound up about getting lunged.  So on went the side reins, and forward went the mare.  She didn't pull any additional crap, and in spite of being slightly more spirited than the last couple of days, none of my red-flag-alarm-bells were going off in my brain before I hopped on.

I warmed her up, and we got another good ride!! (for anyone who's counting that's four -one, two, three, four - good rides in a row. CHAMPION!).  She was a tiny bit more stuck behind my leg to start, but she moved off, and did really well.  We did our traveling 10meter circles up and down the longside, some leg yields and practiced opening up our stride for a few steps, then coming back nicely.  Her biggest sticking point is still moving off my right leg, but yesterday she was just "stiff" off of it, not "wretched."  So that's the sort of problem I can work with.

After about 20 minutes I popped off and had Super-Mom get on.  I haven't seen her on P since before I bought her, which made me extra happy about the chance to watch her ride.

SO FUN to watch Super-Mom ride her.  It only took her about 3 minutes to get Pia moving out (without spurs) and reaching over her back and into the bit.  I can't get a great sense for exactly how P moves when I'm on her, but if there's any shred of self awareness left in my riding, I'm fairly certain that SM added about eight more inches to her stride and really had her lifting through her shoulder a lot more than I've been able to.

The great news is that Super-Mom brought her super-great camera with her and we took about a gazillion photos, so I'll be sure to post some as soon as we sort through the tragic ones and pick a few that are great.  SM also managed to figure out the video function on the camera so there's some footage of me early on, but since neither of us realized she had a microphone, the accompanying chatter is less than inspiring, which means we might have to figure out how to scrub that out before it gets posted. :)

Other than that, I'm off to the cabin (again) for the long weekend.  P probably deserves a few days off, but the BO will certainly be getting a couple of rides in before I'm back.  I have to say that I am ending this week in such a different place mentally than I started it - and it feels great.  I'm over a big obstacle at work, one of my best friends in the world is here visiting, and I'm over the moon about Pia and feeling like maybe some of the clouds have finally parted for a bit. 

Here's to a strong, fun filled week, some fun rides and a long weekend. 

Next week it's time to actually come up with some goals for September.. but until then.. Leg On.
(and happy labor day!)
Aside from whatever is between P's ears... this is my all-time favorite, most relaxing view..
and it makes for fantastic sunsets...


  1. Is it wrong to say that I'm encouraged that 4 good rides is a big deal? Its a huge deal to me! Good to know someone else holds their breath on the good ride days!

    Happy Holidays

  2. haha, Not at all! In fact, at this point, I still count 4 good circles in a row as a massive success. 4 good transitions.. also exciting.. the list goes on and on.. :)


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