Friday, September 17, 2010

Serious Heat: Part II

Okay, Okay, so I know I started the last post off with "I'm getting ahead of myself, but..." so I know I was freaking out prematurely, but that's what us owners do, right?  We see a scrape or a bash or something and immediately our brains are three vet visits down the road adding up ultrasounds, coming up with rehab contingencies and thinking the worst.

I think it's part of our charm...

I should also back up by saying that yesterday, I left work in a great mood. I was on my way to a lesson, then I was getting a mani (yeah, I know I get manicures and ride horses, it's not a great combo, but it's not the stupidest habit I have..) and THEN I got to go home and get ready for a weekend away with The Boy.

Except, the horse was broken, I screwed up my mani before I was out the door, and The Boy told me that a job at work meant we wouldn't be leaving at 12pm like I had hoped, instead it was going to be like 7pm. THEN we have a 4 hour drive. So basically my dreams of a third great ride, a fun night preparing and a romantic dinner to start the weekend were out the window.  F.

These things definitely contributed to my fatalistic attitude and outlook toward P's puffy fetlock.

Regarless, I popped out to the barn at my lunch break to see what was happening with the wraps off for a few hours to find Pia happily munching hay in her stall and standing squarely on both front feet.

uhhh, what?

Took her out, felt around.  She's still got a touch of heat and a teeeeeny bit of swelling but for the most part? for the most part it looked mostly normal and even more exciting, was the fact that I could man handle it without her pawing her hoof around like I was trying to saw her leg off.

I took her out to the driveway and jogged her out (sound).  Walked her in a circle (sound). poked further... (still sound).  I cannot even begin to describe how huge a relief this is.. but just to be on the cautious side, I threw the icepack on for another 20 min and got ready to wrap the front legs back up again.

Oh, then while I'm icing the beast, I get a phone call from The Boy.  His job is ahead of schedule and he shoudl be good to go by 2pm.  Yessssssssssssssss.

Now all I need to fix is my mani...

Here are a few pics.  They are a little fuzzy, but you can see that her left front doesn't look hugely different from her right front.. and I will TAKE IT.  I am being cautious though.  She's getting the weekend off, one more day of stall rest and one more day of bute.  Fingers are crossed that's all we will need to do...

 Not the prettiest... but so, so, so much better than yesterday!

It's hard to tell with the blur, but fetlocks are almost the same size...

Also, because I was feeling exceptionally great about everything, we splurged on a fun new bridle and pretty pad from Pink Equine.  I LOVE their stuff.  And also, their sale section is A-MA-ZING.  seriously, these bridles are like $170 in Dressage Extensions, and on sale it's $43 buckaroos!

Sooo we picked up a new bridle - black with "candyfloss" padding.  Cuter!!

Also, then just because I was browsing and I was already paying for S&H from England... we got this pretty little pad.

I love the quilting.

God, I'm an impulse shopper... Anyway, moral of the story?
P's leg is looking more like a pasture bruise than a shredded tendon, and I like things with pink on them.

Happy Weekends everyone!


  1. Doesn't look too bad - keeping fingers crossed that it's just a tweak.

  2. She looks better! I know that exact feeling. I see a bump or cut and I automatically thing "cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching."

    oh! My e-mail is and then I'll e-mail from my "real" one! :)


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