Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jacking Around

Pia's leg continues to look better and better.  She's totally off the wraps at this point and I'm cold hosing minimally (as in, enough to get the gunk off her leg and maybe a few extra minutes). 

Pia's Attitude, however, is declining steadily.  witchy, witchy mare...

This.  Is what I was attached to via leap rope yesterday during our hand walk.  Charming, isn't it?  In my instance the cowboy wasn't included (darn it), but I'm pretty sure P got all her moves from this cute little bronc.

Here's what pisses me off:  Pia is a good little princess if we are a) walking by ourselves, or b) walking with other horses in the ring.  She'll jack around a tiny bit if other ponies get to canter, but usually its a single hop then she settles right back into a nice loose slow walk.

What doesn't work so well is if we are walking with other horses, then those horses decide to leave.   If they go back to the barn, she calms down eventually (after much snorting and huffing). But if they go down the driveway and (god forbid) off property. She has an absolute conniption fit.

Yesterday, for example, an adorable gelding was finishing his work and got to go for a nice long walk to cool down.  P, thought this was completely unacceptable and began TOTALLY FREAKING OUT as soon as he exited the ring.  Rears, bucks, leaps, hops, all pouncuated with a double barrel kick to the arena wall. 

Nice move, mare.

As soon as he was out of sight, she calmed right back down, then repeated the antics when he returned down the driveway.  There was a lot of "KNOCK IT THE !@#$ OFF HORSE" spewing from my mouth, as I don't appreciate being yanked around, and I extra don't appreciate her pulling any crap on her "rehabbing" tendon. 

To her credit, she usually maintains some good slack in the lead (chain is ON) while she jacks around.. somehow she manages to explode in every direction without putting any sharp pressure on her delicate little nosey-wosey.  Clever Girl.

Anyway, I'm over it.  I'm not amused and I will outright put her away the next time she tries this.  Looks like we'll be making friends with Mr. Ace for when we start back under saddle... What a brat.  JUST WALK LIKE A NORMAL HORSE.



  1. When a horse is confined, there's a lot of pent-up energy. Also be sure her feed has been adjusted to reflect her reduced activity level. Do use Ace - she needs it and you'll be a lot safer.

  2. Kate, I'm with you, and I'm all to aware. The bummer is that she's been super calm/well behaved for the first week, but we think that a small virus swept the barn and made almost everyone a little lethargic for a couple days. Silly me for mistaking it for manners... sigh.

    Ace is on the calendar. As I think it will be for this mare whenever we are starting to move again after a layup. something tells me this is semi-permanent sass. :)


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