Saturday, December 4, 2010

Consistently Inconsistent

Reporting in from a sparsely attended super fascinating waterworks trade show. Nothing quite like driving through snow and sleet storms to set up a booth showing pictures of our products which have had minimal technological advances since ohhhhh, the Romans.


So while I should be shaking hands, smiling profusely and chuckling heartedly as people realize that yes, my last name IS on the door and yes I AM the great great granddaughter of our founder.

(smile and wave. Smile and wave. Ignore the misogynistic old boys and continue to spout product info).

Instead I'm reflecting on miss pia (as always)

The upshot is that we are stationed in a Stunning old hotel that makes the winter weather particularly festive. Also that there are extensive breaks in which I get to sit down, eat more cookies and contemplate the continuing enigma that is Miss P.

Tuesday we had an ok ride. I planned on repeating our cavaletti fun and experimenting with a few more exercises. Ye mare was significantly more energetic than she was on Monday to the point that I was fairly certain I was actually sitting on a powder keg waiting for a sparked fuse.

We separated the cavaletti and used them as a way to break up otherwise basic circles around the ring. An attempt to keep moving forward and springy and relaxed. It worked ok, but apparently they weren't quite exciting enough as she started back to her diving and plunging through my hand and onto her forehand.

We did get some decent transitions, mediocre leg yields and some actual canter. So that's progress I suppose.

The BO ha had her for the last couple of days and reported pretty decent rides (hooray). Looking forward to returning tonight and squeezing a ride in.

But for now- more smiling and waving....

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