Tuesday, December 14, 2010

November Wrap-Up &... December "Goals"

Right, right.  I get that it's somewhat ridiculous to be reviewing November halfway through December, let alone setting our goals.. but better late than never (which might be something I say on EVERY SINGLE goals post).  Meh, it is what it is..

So, November, let's review:

November Goals:

  1. Clean, smooth, regular transitions for WTC.  Okay, this has been on our hit list for a while now, but I think we're actually there.  I'm going to count our recent December successes in this "goal" period, so that it's easier for me to remember... but especially with the last couple weeks thrown in, Pia is "executing" her transitions.  We've even had some awesome ones, but I can say that 97% of the time I ask for a transition, it happens.  Not always perfectly, not always immediately, but we get it.  Which is, in fact, a GINOURMOUS accomplishment.
  2. Pencil Out a Horsey Budget for 2011. Oops.  No.  I think that I've been ignoring this so that I can continue to spend-spend-spend.  If I don't have a budget, I can't overspend... right???? or something.... This is something that NEEDS to happen for the new year, especially if we are actually planning on some schooling shows (gasp)
  3. Get 4 good rides in a row. YES! CHECK. DONE.
  4. Get my SADDLE. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (check. done.) love it.  so happy.
  5. Consult with a farrier. Yes!, check. Done.  Consulted, but ignoring (for the moment).  I didn't love the offered solution of "take a chunk of hoof out and put a shoe on it."  Maybe we'll need to explore shoeing her right hind in the future, but I wasn't comfortable with the theory of how they wanted to balance her out... so I'm staying the barefoot course for now.. maybe adding boots. who knows.
This might be our most "successful" month to date.  I'm gonna go ahead and ignore the fact that it was really more like a month and a half... because I'm more excited about our progress than I am about our time frame.  (spoken like a true procrastinator, no?)

That being said... here's what's on our docket for the remainder of the 2010:

  1. Pencil Out a Horsey Budget for 2011. Yeah.  Still important.  Now that the massive acquisition of our saddle (and other major purchases) are mostly behind us, it seems necessary and reasonable to expect some controlled spending in the new year.
  2. Ride the 2011 First Level Tests.  We've schooled all the movements, including the canter loops, zig-zagging leg yields and stretchy circles.  We can do it, we just need to start putting the pieces together.  It's a good exercise for us while the BO is on vacation.
  3. Ride Off the Property. Two options here.  Either hit the power line trails (which I did not know we had immediate access to.. smack), OR trailer to one of BO's Friend's farm which is only 7 miles down the road to school in a new place and new arena.  I'm fine with either.
I'm stopping with 3, since I only have... ohhhh 16 days left, and a chunk of those are already claimed in the name of family time and holidays.  

In the meantime, the mare continues to be on the up and up, proving that she might turn into a real horse just yet.  She's regained ALL her weight and looks fantastic, her sweat patterns are back to something that resembles normal (even after hard workouts) and she's still a gleaming copper color. 

I'm enjoying the fact that we seem to be on a roll (however brief it may be) and that she's injury free. I suppose if I was being greedy I'd add "stay happy and sound" to my goal list, but far be it from me to tempt fate.

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