Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Day in the Life

On my way home from the cold/wet/miserable day-o-projects that I was lucky enough to partake in yesterday, I had my usual "Gee, I wonder what the mare did today" thought. 

And then I got cranky.

Because I started comparing my day, to the mare's day... and I didn't like it.

Here's what was on the docket for Wednesday, December 15th:

Pia got fed.
She had her "bed" made.
She played with some friends.
She had a massage.
Then she got fed again.
Then she took a nap.
Then she got fed again.
and she went back to sleep.

I got woken up early
Drove through the traffic and rain to catch an ungodly ferry
(I did not get fed)
fought with an outboard motor (I lost)
Paddled to the closest dock from the middle of the harbor
Kicked a door in (our lock broke)
peed in the woods (no water = no toilets)
commandeered another watercraft
towed our sad, sad sinking dock to the shipyard
scraped barnacles off said dock
attached new flotation (aka, got COVERED in styrofoam shreds)
got fed. (bad grocery store sandwich).
towed the dock BACK to our house.
hoisted a 500lb steel ramp out of the water.
got back on a ferry
drove home through the rain
finally went to sleep in my *still* unmade bed.

So, to sum up -

Pia did this:

And I did this:

Confirmed that yes indeed, the dock is missing.  Oh, and how does one lift a huge ramp out of 30ft deep water???

Found the missing dock, on another island... or rather found what was left of the missing dock...

The almost fixed dock.  This is what we walked away from after much lifting/fixing/hammering/slipping/sinking/heaving/and freezing

After the dock was at least floating and secured to its normal home, I started my "planes, trains, and automobiles" (really more like "ferries, trucks and buses") trek home and got to thinking about Pia, and her day

Which, just to rub it in one more time, looked something like this:

You know those days when you think to yourself "Wow, I spend way more money on my horse's comfort, than my own??"  This was one of those days.

That mare is s-p-o-i-l-e-d.


  1. I'd trade my horse in a heartbeat. He got fed warm mash, hung out with his friends in the shed all day. More warm mash. Worked for an hour (which he loved). More warm mash! Now he's going to get his blankets fluffed and go back to hanging out with his friends in the shed.

  2. Gnarly for you, great for Pia. But sheesh, what a funny post! Thank you for writing it.


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