Monday, December 27, 2010

On the 8th Day of Christmas...

My True Love gave to me....

(nothing for my horse)

But he did manage a gorgeous necklace from my favorite jewelry designer (Jamie Joseph) who makes stunning pieces usually with large, gorgeous stones.  Fortunately for me, he also loves her stuff, so I've been the lucky recipient of a few of her items (including my favorite ring that used to occupy the space on my left ring finger... it's since happily migrated over to the right hand..). 

So, I'm not whining (at ALL - I got way more than I deserved...), but I am still giddy over the fact that my cute brother keyed into the horsey thing and managed a few packages under the tree (labeled for both Pia and myself) with the telltale ribbon from my favorite tack store.

Something about that box/ribbon combo triggered a deeply seeded adolescent teen girl response that sent me flying around the house attempting to assemble everyone as quickly as possible so that the festivities could commence. 

Clothing, wine, gift certificates, and the traditional stocking presents are all things that I can wait patiently for like a well behaved adult type person.

But Tack Store boxes.  Tack Store boxes are items of beauty that should be opened IMMEDIATELY.

(which they were)

Pia and I have been spoiled this year.  We've been spoiled by good vet luck (well bad luck but then good luck) in avoiding our surgery, and bad luck then good luck in avoiding a serious tendon issue.  Spoiled by great, low drama barn mates and trainers... Spoiled by ourselves (self indulgent behavior and presents)...
But most recently spoiled by my brother and his constant drive to come up with the most creative, most coveted gift he can for his family members.

So.  What did we get!???

We got what the Tack Store lady told him to get (god bless her) and only managed to double his hypothetical budget in the process (and god bless him for understanding the quantum-physics-time-bending-money-obliterating principles of Tack Store Physics).

So here's our New Horsey Toys:

1) A stuffed Corgi for Pia - The tag reads "To: Pia, From: Elf"  (My brother signs everything "from elf").  He said he remembered me talking about how stressed she gets if her friends leave and that she needed a goat....  But he couldn't find a goat, so Pia got a Corgi (cuter). However, said corgi is a bit slobbered on as Miss Maisy thought the stuffed animal under the tree MUST HAVE BEEN for her, so it got a little dragged around the house on Christmas morning... oops
2) Nice new dressage pad.  Pretty enough for clinics and shows.  I'm going to try (try) to keep it clean for such things.
3) GORGEOUS new clothes for me!  I was stunned and thrilled to open a great (and super comfy) Pikeur Show shirt, complete with rhinestone buttons (sparkle!).  My dad saw it fitting to make a snarky comment about whether or not I would ever be in a show ring, ever, again... ever.... but I ignored him and happily imagined the pretty professional photos that will SURELY be taken... Also, the brother totally splurged on a stunning pair of Pikeur's Candella breeches. 
 I'm not sure that my grandmother was impressed when I immediately shed my textured tights and shimmied into these bad boys in the middle of the mayhem, but I didn't care, and I think my brother was happy to see the excitement on my face.

Finally, he rounded out the outfit with a lovely big thick belt that looks great, even though I have the sort of hips that render belts obsolete and reduce their function to an aesthetically pleasing accessory.

Fun right!? In a fit of restraint, the breeches are the only item currently shoved into my car for my ride tonight (shirt, belt and pad all sit at home waiting for the right occasion to be brought out for), But I'm excited to try them out.  I've never owned a pair of Pikeurs before.  I've borrowed a friend's pair of whites for a few shows, but I've never had my own, and certainly never had anything like them in my regular rotation of schooling breeches.

Maybe P will be so impressed with my new stylings that she'll chill out and keep her hooves on the ground.... but probably not...

Did Santa bring any fantastic horsey finds to anyone else??

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  1. Ohhhhh, I covet your breeches. Yay for you! Nice haul all around:)

    Miles got a Myler bit and some plastic Blocks for jump poles. I hope he likes both!


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