Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Headed Home.

Settled back into my favorite exit row seat finally headed toward the mare (and home) for more than a one day laundry stop. I'm seriously looking forward to justifying a fridge full of groceries and an evening on the couch out of anything resembling a suit and heels...
P and I squeezed in a great ride on Saturday after changing the mare's bit to a single jointed loose ring with a 'clammer' attached behind it.

I've never ridden with a 'clammer' before, so for the rest of you who haven't heard or seen one of these things. It almost looks like a bridoon, but I stead of normal bit rings and an extra set of cheek pieces, it has open hooks so you simply hook it on behind your normal bit using the snaffle's own rings.

Essentially the idea is to give a dumpster-diving horse something to play with, freeing up your normal bit for normal bit things like maintaining contact, light steering and emergency breaking..

P adored it. She was foamy and frothy within minutes and although I had to have one major discussion about going forward, once we got moving she stayed more balanced and more forward with less blood sweat and tears from my end.

We got some great stretchy work in which is always my indicator that Miss Pia is happy and relaxed which finalized my stamp of approval on the bit change.

Apparently she continued the trend this weekend with the BO and managed to get herself into such good graces that she earned a much needed bath, complete with some sock whitening.

BO passed along this snapshot of a very tired, very clean mare and I just can't wait to get the wheels back down on the ground so I can go cover her little nose in kisses

I mean, if that's not a smooch worthy muzzle, I don't know what is..... Smooch smooch smooch smooch

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  1. That is a very smooch-worthy nose! Would you mind taking a picture of that bit for us? I'm curious! Hope you have a safe flight.

  2. I too am going to look for a picture of the bit. Sounds like a good idea....

  3. super smoochable! :)Bit sounds interesting..a picture would be awesome!


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