Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Secret Santa-Mare

Tis the season, right?

Miss P and I have been so happy at our new home this fall that we decided to be sneaky little elves and surprise the other ponies with a holiday treat.

After our lesson last night, I darted back to the house and enlisted my poor mother in a massive horsey treat baking effort that resulted in her kitchen being COVERED in a schmear of peppermint/apple/molasses goop. (as you can imagine, she was thrilled).

Basically our strategy was to combine the theory of several (hardly scientific) recipes into one massive uber-treat. I started out with ideas of grandeur that I would "make notes" so that I could alter the "dough" as necessary once a few batches came out of the oven.

What happened was more of a cavalier fly-by-night approach of pouring boxes/scoops/jars of things into a big bowl and stirrin' till it looked right.

To my (baking impaired self) surprise, here's what came out of the oven:

Cute treat balls! We made about 200 of the little things before stuffing them into baggies and the most adorable mini stockings I've ever seen.

I think the ponies are going to be pleased. Assuming that the treats are even remotely edible... Which remains to be seen.

For those interested, here's what I think I mixed together in a bowl (I made this concoction twice)

- 6 apples and 20 mints pulverized in a food processor
- 1/2 a big canister of oats
- 2ish cups of flour
- 1/2 a box of rice krispies
- 1 jar of molasses

I balled the "dough" and plopped them on a greased cookie sheet and stuck it into an oven set to 400 for 10 minutes. That seemed about the right amount of time to brown them slightly and toast the bottoms...

In non treat related news, we had a pretty good ride. I was pushing her hard, but she was the crankiest she's been all week. She threw a few bucks when I really pushed her for leg yields in the canter, but I got more lateral give when we were working them. Also for some reason, her right lead was shockingly more balanced and forward than her usually stronger left lead...

Her medium trot work was great, stretchy trot was less relaxed and our attempts to school some rein back was met with varying levels of attitude, but all in all a we had a nice ride.

The princess gets today off for some body work.. And I am on a ferry to the islands for a more organized effort to repair some of the storm damage at the cabin. Something tells me she's going to have a more relaxing day than I am...

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  1. The treats certainly look tasty. 2ish cups made me laugh.


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