Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On the 9th Day of Christmas??

my trainer gave to me....

Twooooo Brand New Reins!

Apparently the BO felt a little bad about all the rein snapping that's happened this year, so she stuffed two pairs of web reins in P's stocking.  How nice is that!? 

She's very thoughtful. :)

Anyway, apologies for the delayed post.. yesterday I got to scoot around town looking at wedding venues with my m-o-m, which was a blast.  Though apparently there's some family confusion on how you throw a wedding, and there's some latent stress.  I think that's the name of the game, but I've had the pleasure of planning our company's 500+ holiday party for several years now, and I'm not really too sure why a wedding half that size needs to cause more drama.. BUT anyway.  I swore to myself that I would limit the number of wedding references in this blog since P is not in fact, part of the wedding.


Monday we had a lesson.  It started great, and ended crappy. 

P was in a mood.  She was cranky in the cross ties, cranky on the lunge and a witch under saddle.  Lots of diving, lots of biting and general snottiness.  We got a nice forward trot, but that was about it.  Lots of tension, lots of stiffness, and some real crankiness about 10m circles and leg yields. 

The fact that I was PMSing myself did not help the matter and certainly only made things more tragic and more painful.

We got a few good canter transitions, no bucks (win!) and lots more bad transitions (but still no bucks!)

It was one of those rides where I felt like I was just in a battle from start to finish and got off feeling a bit defeated.  But we haven't had one of those in a while, so I felt ok about it and just tried to have a nice grooming session, even though the mare was snorting and pinning her ears at me (also not a great combo item with the PMS...)

Yesterday the BO rode the mare, apparently with an improved attitude.  She wanted to work and cooperated with canter figure 8's and simple changes and was polite about lateral work.

It was a bit of a relief to hear that, I get nervous every once in a while that P hates her job and would rather I just leave her alone.  So our friendly rides help dispel that idea on the down days..

I'm planning on hacking the mare today, with another lesson tomorrow before I take off for the long weekend (back to the cabin for final dock repairs and hopefully some NYE festivities).

Hope everyone is having a good week!!


  1. Aw! Your BO is very thoughtful :) And yaaay, no bucking!

  2. Haha, enjoy your wedding drama. No clue why it's so complicated, but it always is.

    Hooray new reins! That's fabulous.


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