Thursday, December 9, 2010

Love & Shelter

There are few things I adore as much as snuggling Miss P into her blankies and tucking her in for the night.  There's something about her expression after a nice workout and big long grooming session that just radiates l-o-v-e and adorableness. 

I've had the "blessing" of enough down time from riding to constantly remind myself of all the other joys that Pia brings into my life aside from a simple ride - and while I still enjoy the riding part, it's always good to have "help" maintaining perspective...

That final snuggley-pat, complete with a beneath-the-blanket-scratch is one of those moments when I get to beathe deeply and leave the barn knowing that P is happy, safe, and warm.

(Warning... total TANGENT on its way..)

Recently, I've had the absolute joy of serving on the board for a remarkable women's shelter that provides an incredibly supportive community for Seattle's Homeless women and their children.  I can assure you that it is the most unique place I have ever had the pleasure of spending time.  Most of the women who utilize our services are homeless, and most of them have kids.  We offer one of the only shelters that allows mothers to stay with their kids and for both of them to cook their own meals (imagine how empowering that can be when you've gone years without a kitchen of your own), create resumes, gain job skills, see a nurse, let kids be kids in a gorgeously appointed play room and most importantly, take the steps they need to end the cycle of homelessness and leave feeling more empowered and loved than when they entered.

Mary's Place has come an extremely long way in the last couple of years.  Initially it began as a jail ministry started by a group of women who attended church together.  Since then we've grown into a secular day center that serves as a hub of resources and inspiration for all who walk through our doors.  We have grown an effective and exuberant board that has been charged with finding us three new homes (yes, our shelter was nearly homeless itself..) over the last 2 years, raising insane $$ and finding a way to grow as fast as our community has demanded.  In just the last 6 months, the number of ladies walking through our doors has TRIPLED.  TRIPLED.  Thankfully, many women who first use our services return to act as volunteers and mentors, so our energy remains strong, but our funds do not. 

Why am I wasting Pia's precious blog space on this? Because we are finalists in Pepsi's "good idea" competition which is awarding a $50,000 grant to the top 10 ideas (right now we are 148th).  All I need from anyone who believes that no mother or child should spend a night on the street is for you to click and vote for Mary's Place everyday in December.  See? mostly easy.

Why do I do it? because that warm snuggley, feeling I get everytime I leave P quietly munching her hay and grain pales in comparison to the feeling I get when I know I have helped offer that feeling to a mother who knows that both she and her child are safe, warm and secure.

Please help us with your clicks.  And please hug your pony too.

(tangent over)

P was great yesterday.  Saddle fitter came out to check the Optimaxxxxxx, and all was well.  I'm shimming it up a little more than I would like to shim up a "custom" saddle that cost me most than a couple months of mortgage.. but hey.  We ordered it when she didn't have a topline and I didn't want to play around with it ever getting too tight..  Plus, tonight is the tack shop's "VIP shopping party" I think it should probably be called "a glass of cheap champagne for suckers who have spent their life savings in this store" party.  Or even "thanks for putting our kids through college" party. or EVEN "you spend so much money in here, even if we invite you to a "party" you'll probably spend more money" party.

All of them are true in my case. (oops).  I am planning to go, I am planning on drinking my well deserved glass of cheap champagne and I am planning on spending more money.  The thought of a "complimentary" 25% coupoun for the evening has had my mind spinning with thoughts of what we "need". 

A new girth
more back on track products
new polos
and whatever else I can't think of but will need DESPERATELY once I see it.

buwahahaha.  Can't wait

Stay Warm, and please consider helping Mary's Place!!


  1. voted and posted to my FB.
    Being involved with an organization like that is something to be proud of for certain.

  2. Thaaaaaaaaaanks guys! I appreciate it hugely.


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